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The Corengine framework is currently used to drive several web and mobile applications of Intech Creative LLC products, and for clients of Incogntito Worldwide, the services subsidiary of Intech Cretaive LLC.

These applications include:

Craveller for business

Craveller for business and the consumer companion mobile app is a smart directory focused on hyper-specific product/ service push notification within close proximity. it provides real-time user behavior stats, multi-level hierarchy and multi-location management.

Craveller.com (mobile app, and web control panel)

e360 logo_FINAL
The most automated far-reaching events engine on the planet, Eventz36o.com is a fully-automated A.I. cross-platform syndication conduit connecting those that post events, repopulate events, those that sell tickets, and those that attend events and create Meetups.

Eventz360.com (web application and mobile app)

eventigram logoA mobile app to share events a user happens stumbles upon — like a street performance (art, music, dance), or protest. Post and invite friends / public in close proximity.

Eventigo(mobile app, e360 extension)


A swapping site for new and used products. The system has some unique features, like swapping one for many, or many for one.

Built on the Corengine framework. 
, (web application) for the United States