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Our Vision

The team at Intech Creative LLC. strives to streamline technology to enhance productivity, eliminate redundancies, and empower users.

Who We Are

Intech Creative LLC. is a Delaware Limited Liability Company founded in 2012 to develop digital products — Software As a Service (SaaS) and Platform As a Service (PaaS) platforms — for niche and fragment business sectors using our Corengine framework.

What We Think

We believe that technology can be used to make small and large businesses more productive by eliminating redundancies and fine-tuning processes of the things that workers, management teams, and executives do everyday.


Corengine uses our patent-pending A.I. technology to deliver a highly-functional dashboard in a seamless environment, with global settings for effective ease of use. It is for developers as a base to better manage websites and their functions.

The Intech products

Intech Creative LLC. builds digital products that automate what you manually do everyday. Our primary focus is serving fragmented and under-served communities and business sectors.



Craveller for business and the consumer companion mobile app is a smart directory focused on hyper-specific product/ service push notification within close proximity. it provides real-time user behavior stats, multi-level hierarchy and multi-location management.


Eventz 360

The most automated far-reaching events engine on the planet, Eventz36o.com is a fully-automated A.I. cross-platform syndication conduit connecting those that post events, repopulate events, those that sell tickets, and those that attend events and create Meetups.



A mobile application designed to share events a user happens stumbles upon — like a concert in the park; a street performance (art, music, dance), protest, or  a flea market event. Post it and aut0-invite friends and/or the public in close proximity with matching interests.



An ad reservation system designed specifically for online publishers to automate the management of direct ads, advertisers, writer and sales commissions. Based on our patent-pending reservation system, ADRS increases productivity by eliminating redundancies.