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What is it?

Corengine is a MVC framework built using multiple open source technologies. It serves as the software that can be used to design any online web application.  With this framework you have the foundation on which to custom build Web Applications, and also a control panel for it and your mobile applications.

Super Flexible

Corengine was built using open-source software, specifically PHP,  JavaScript, jQuery,  CSS, and MySQL for database.

How t Works

Corengine is built with a MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, making it easy for developers with its module and table architecture.

Robust Ability

With the class inheritance approach in Corengine code a function with multiple constructor options; a single function can be used for multiple operations.

Database Design and functionality

Corengine has internal functions for database handling and connecitons which makes it easy for a developer to learn and use with ease. Read More >>